…once upon a time, bulls and bears have been fighting endless battles over the throne of investing. Proud, strong and willing to give it all, those two species tried to lead the way. Many brave investors followed the wrong pulse, have lost their accounts or suffered severe damages on their networth. It was a frustrating world with no perspective to win. Change was brought by the most unlikely creature imaginable – a chicken. A chicken!?

Yes. A smart chicken decided to change the game forever. It took off and landed on the back of the bull. What a change of perspective! In a sudden it became clear, that it was not the bear to fight, it was not a question of muscle and power, but of controlling the own me. Seeing all the past bets, losses and strategic decisions taken, the smart chicken understood exactly what it had to do. It is time to make smart decisions. It is time to learn out of failure. It is time to overcome behavioral patterns in investments.

From that day on, the chicken represents the smart decision maker. People who strive to get new perspectives, take matters into their own hands and hack decisions to be the best they can.

Where can you meet the smart chicken? Here at tritra – your smart investment journal . We are working on turning behavioral finance into knowledge you as a retail investor are actually benefiting from. How? By uncovering winning patterns and flag critical habits. It is still a long way to go. But – we are proud to announce that we are in the final phase of our alpha iPhone app. In the first step, we provide a journal where you can track investments, take down thoughts about the market, make predictions and learn from these by reflecting the notes. Of course, this is just the beginning with much more to come.

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Note: tritra (powered by emotion banking GmbH) neither offers brokerage services nor does it offer investment advice. It is a tool for self-improvement and learning.